Elegance and Utility

To Unite Elegance with Utility, and blend the useful with the agreeable, has ever been considered a difficult but an honorable task. A. Hepplewhite & Co. 1787

British Campaign Furniture: Elegance Under Canvas, 1740-1914 by Nicholas A. Brawer

Theodore Alexander has a tradition of creating extraordinary Campaign Furniture that will last for generations. In our research we have come across this is out of print gem that is worth tracking down for the fascinating accounts of life on the campaign trail in Asia and Africa, and the lavish illustrations that take you to far off places and distant lands.

The British officer in the 18th and 19th centuries was as preoccupied with his comfort as he was with the military tasks before him, Furniture that could be easily transported, but which had a comfortingly luxurious aesthetic followed his every move away from the home.

So called Campaign furniture included items such as wardrobes and desks, and even four poster beds were designed to be taken apart and transported by cart or horse to the next camp.

This unique book  has 140 full color plates and dozens of illustrations never before published, and is indispensable for anyone wishing to take a journey through a period of innovative, and functional, furniture history.

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