Blog Watch – Cindy Rinfret

Cindy Rinfret is the principal designer of Rinfret, Ltd., one of the leading design firms on the East Coast, and her latest post outlines some key ‘tricks of the trade’.

This one caught our eye, not only for the sage advice but the accompanying photograph which shows The Althorp Drawing Room Chair set in an elegant dining environment.

“If you have low ceilings there is something you can do to give the appearance of height. Never leave your ceiling white. This is a huge pet peeve of Cindy’s. Too often people will put time and energy into decorating a room and then stop short with the ceiling. You can choose a complimentary color to your walls but that may be better left to a professional, so to play it safe you can also simply use the same color as your walls but 50% lighter for the ceiling.

In the above dining room the blue ceiling perfectly compliments the hand-painted wall covering.”

The Althorp Drawing Room Chair can be found on our website here.

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