Attention to Detail

One of the highlights of working with Theodore Alexander is watching the process of creation unfold before one’s eyes.

The pieces that we create have hundreds of hours of painstaking work that culminates in exquisite works of art. For example, the piece below began as a solid piece of red wax. A artisan slowly sculpted the wax as one would carve wood until a figure emerged that was replicated exactly in the bronze casting process. It’s a technique that has not changed for hundreds of years down to the most basic elements – the smell of the wax as it it is formed with a traditional tool, the wax chips that lie scattered on the workbench as the final form unfolds.  The craftsman wielded the chisel with insouciant calm, whilst I looked on with baited breath.

Look at the delicacy of the flowers on the gown and the realistic detailing of the fingernails, all formed with unhesitating skill.

The upper form of the sculpture is no less impressive. My eyes are constantly drawn to the perfectly pouted lips, frozen in a pout of bronze.

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