British Invasion

Take a look at the latest blogpost at Cindy Rinfret, where we spotted this compliment.

Theodore Alexander… is the gold standard when it comes to British furniture (especially if you want your home to look like it belongs to a Duchess).

In this image - The Althorp Drawing Room Chairs, The original Regency, circa 1820.

We also love this quotation about the British:

Their unique sense of play and wit, paired with an entire empire of collectibles, makes for fantastically imagined spaces.

In the spirit of tradition, we have chosen some of our pieces which continue the theme.

An oak and English pippy oak trunk chest with the Union Flag inlaid on the top

The top of the chest reflects the Union Flag

The top of the chest reflects the Union Flag in oak and English pippy oak

'Following the Scent' reflects the traditional British love of hounds.

'Officers and Gentlemen'. Imagine a young officer on campaign in one of Britain’s many colonies, enduring the sweltering heat of Africa or India all the while missing the comforts of home.

'The Dumfries Bookcase'. No English country house is complete without a library, and every library requires a bookcase. The original commissioned for Lady Dumfries of Dumfries House from Thomas Chippendale in the 1750s. Valued at $8,000,000.

'Ready to Ride'. Riding is favourite pursuit in the English countryside, reflected in this hand crafted bronze of a horse.

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