A Ladylike Retreat

The Drawing Room is a very English concept and one literally means ‘room to which one withdraws’. The term derives from the historical tradition of ladies withdrawing to the room after dinner, whilst the men at the table would continue in the dining room to drink port or play billiards in the billiard room. Both men and women would then re-congregate in the drawing room before the end of the evening.

For a perfect example of a traditional drawing room interior which is still in use today we need not look any further than the South Drawing Room at Althorp.

The South Drawing Room at Althorp with a view through to the Billiard Room

The South Drawing Room. Note the collection of Reynolds portraits.

Visitors would also be entertained in the drawing room, thus calling for furniture that could be used to showcase wealth or hobbies to their fullest advantage.

The South Drawing Room Specimen Table

The South Drawing Room Bijouterie Table

Note the inset display case with the various miniature portraits and the small glass and gilt vitrine with additional pieces.

The centre table (below) is a useful drawing room piece that allows for post prandial card games

Replicate the look with reproductions from the South Drawing Room:

A classic drum top table. The original George III, circa 1780

For more pieces from the South Drawing Room click here.

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