Unexpected Interiors

At Theodore Alexander we delight in ensuring that our pieces have all the hallmarks of true quality, for our craftsmen employ time-honoured techniques to craft truly beautiful furniture you’ll fall madly in love with.

Take this hyedua and sycamore veneered serpentine chest of drawers for example. The exterior has an intricate hand cut parquetry trellis pattern that wraps around the exterior in a seamless design. Note that the veneer has been carefully matched to align across the front, legs and sides.

Look closer and open the drawer – you will see that each drawer has been carefully designed in the same manner as the exterior. The interior of this chest is as extraordinary as it’s exterior.

"An Unexpected Interior" A Hyedua and sycamore veneered serpentine chest of drawers, the all over sans traverse parquetry trellis chest with a moulded edge top and two drawers on splay feet.

This delicate trellis parquetry design was hand cut and applied.

Every drawer is inlaid with the same parquetry design as the exterior, providing a seamless surface throughout the piece.

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