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Detroit Home Magazine recently published an interview with Leslie Keno regarding the Keno Bros collection.  For the full interview click here but in the meantime we have reproduced our favourite parts of the exchange below. The interviewer is George Bulanda.

“You and your brother have always drawn a connection between fine furniture and sensuality. In Hidden Treasures you even refer to to the ‘sex appeal’ of Queen Anne and Chippendale curves, and your new line also stresses that “S” shape.

We love the S-shaped curve; that beautiful, sinuous curve us just gorgeous to us. It becomes a very primal thing. We also favor form over ornamentation.

The Fine Point I. Note the distinctive 'S' shaped curve to the legs.

Some of the woods in your line are quite exotic, such as sapele or bubinga.

Those woods and others, like Japanese tamo, literally shimmer, the way water does when the sun hits it. We spent hours in the woodpile when we first went to Theodore Alexander, and they’re very particular about how these woods are chosen. It’s all done according to laws and reforestation standards.

Leigh and Leslie with two Palette tables which are veneered in Tamo

A detail of the Tamo veneer to the surface of the Palette table.

Is there a furniture period that may not be very collectible now but could gain steam soon?

I strongly feel that American Classical period furniture, from about 1810 through about 1835, is it. There were sideboards, bookcases, chests, pier tables with incredibly beautiful woods. It’s very reasonable right now… Interestingly, Andy Warhol collected American Classical furniture; he had it throughout his home. We handled his collection in, I think, 1987. I catalogued the furniture, and it was clear that the King of Pop Art loved that period.”

Andy Warhol, pop artist and American Classical period furniture enthusiast. Photograph by Jack Mitchell

The Keno Bros collection is available at selected furniture retailers across North America.

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