The Discovery of Dance

Let us look closely at ‘Dance‘, with it’s rhythmical zig-zags and shimmering veneer.

This accent piece is from The Keno Bros Collection,  and in the words of Leigh and Leslie:

This table took incredible skill to create. It makes us at once marvel at the complexity of producing such a work-intensive piece and smile at the dramatic zig-zag veneers, even in the drawer interiors, a feature not found on even the very best work by 18th century Parisian ébénistes

Note how they describe the veneer patterns which line each drawer (image below) and also notice how the veneer extends to the top of the drawer front.

See how the zig-zag patterns are seamlessly matched across the surface of the drawer fronts and around the sides of the piece.

Each Dance chest is made to order according to the the timeless principles of quality in design and execution.

The visual energy of the zig-zag veneer is replicated in the piece’s form.

The curvaceous silhouette of the case and legs contrast with the masterful zig-zag parquet inlay eliciting kinetic energy and movement. This is a visually exciting piece, and every time we look at it, we get the feeling that it is perfectly poised to hop, swirl, spin, swing, or step away!

Leigh and Leslie Keno.


Leigh and Leslie with Dance, showcasing the individually veneered drawer interiors

Go to the Theodore Alexander website for the full range of pieces available from The Keno Bros Collection.

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