Buried Treasure now Online

The official webpage for our favourite furniture experts’ TV show is now online at Fox.com!

We’re looking forward to seeing dreams come true on Buried Treasure when it airs on the 24th August.

The Keno Bros

With every family comes a dream, and with every treasure a story.

Leigh and Leslie Keno (“Antiques Roadshow”) are modern-day treasure hunters. These world-renowned antique experts and appraisers have helped people all over the U.S. sell more than $1 billion worth of collectibles. In the new unscripted series BURIED TREASURE, the identical twin brothers will travel across the country helping ordinary people find treasures right in their own homes.

The Kenos will show up at participants’ homes and immediately begin their hunt for the hidden gems. Some people will have treasures, while others will have trash. Leigh and Leslie will investigate items of interest using cutting-edge technology to determine authenticity, condition and – ultimately – worth.

The expert duo will reveal the estimated auction values and will ask whether the family feels the price is right and they’re ready to sell. Final sales of items taken to auction will be revealed graphically, and any deals the Kenos broker for private buyers will unfold on the spot.

Each week, the hunt continues in a new city with a new family and a new dream waiting to come true.

In the meantime, new images are available, including some photos from the Kenos’ personal family album (those hairstyles!). Scroll down to enjoy.

Leigh and Leslie posing for the new series Buried Treasure

"Stoneware pottery, motorbikes and girls were our passion"

""6-years-old and doing our favorite thing, treasure hunting at a local flea market. Joking around here about the way the wind is blowing, while checking out a horse weathervane that turned out to be worth very little!"

"With our Mom's help we setup a booth at the New York State Flea. Featured on the blanket, our antique wrought iron collection for sale! Circa 1969"

Finally, they both appeared on Fox recently to discuss the show, and appraise some pieces on the spot!

The Keno Bros Furniture Collection for Theodore Alexander is available at selected retailers.

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