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The subtle glow of a well crafted light fixture or lamp can be the deciding factor in the ambience of a room. At Theodore Alexander we recognize the importance of lighting in interior design, a philosophy recently explored by enLIGHTenment magazine. See what they had to say:

“We handcraft all of the lighting in our own manufacturing facilities,” explains Anthony Cox, Theodore Alexander’s Creative Director.  The lampshades are also handmade and embroidered in the company’s factory and the firm even fashions its own hardware.

“We believe in using the most interesting materials for both function and beauty,” Cox explains. “This allows our craftspeople to create products that will not only last for generations, but also give distinction to homeowners’ favorite spaces. An exceptional eye for design and detail has become our style signature,” he adds.

The Muromachi table lamp with a hand-sewn silk shade recalls an original Japanese Takamakie piece and is distinguished by hand-hammered silver-plated brass repousse. The urn is decorated with scrolling acanthus leaves and a cockerel on a stepped circular acrylic base.

When it comes to lighting, the category has been booming recently due to consumer demand. “There appears to be a void in well-made, high-end, and finely crafted lighting plus hand-made silk shades,” Cox notes, adding, “As we expand the Theodore Alexander lifestyle, categories such as lighting, accessories, and wall art will continue to grow. “

One of the most distinguishing features of its lighting products is the multi-step finishing process.  “We excel in developing new and complex finishes for many materials that can be used in lighting,” Cox says.

“The lighting is designed, created, and finished by our highly skilled team of designers and craftspeople. For example, the wooden bases are hand-carved by master carvers, in-house artists paint the decorative scenes, special finishes are delicately applied by hand, and the metalwork is forged in our own foundry,” he explains.

“In addition, all of the embroidery and custom-made silk shades are hand-sewn to exacting specifications. These skills give us the capability to tailor finishes, bases, and shades – right down to the finials – for each item.”

Inspired by a 19th century Italian original, this wooden and rustic painted Syracuse table lamp boasts an oval vase body centered by a pierced brass band of vines and two brass drop handles. It is topped with a hand-hewn silk shade.

Since buyers of Theodore Alexander products reside in 35 countries all over the world, the company’s designs feature a diverse mix of materials to create unique lighting products with global appeal.

“We like to think we are establishing leadership in our designs, not following trends,” Cox remarks. “We want our lighting to represent a personal statement for the home interior environment.” As the company’s Web site states: “Every piece has a story just waiting to be shared.”

Hand blown glass is a signature of Theodore Alexander's lighting

Watch our signature lighting video here.


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