Leigh and Leslie star on Anderson

This week our favorite television duo, Leigh and Leslie of Keno Bros., appeared on Anderson!

Sandy and her family have had an antique wooden chest in their home for as long as she can remember. She had an inclination that it was worth something, but had no idea of its actual value, and couldn’t venture a guess.

Leigh and Leslie Keno, stars of the FOX show “Buried Treasure” and world-renowned antiques experts, are about to give Sandy the surprise of a lifetime.

“This is an incredible find,” says Leigh. “Leslie and I — our hearts are pounding.” The Keno brothers reveal Sandy’s chest was made in 1685. It’s one of the earliest chests made in America, in mint condition, and has descended directly through Sandy’s family.

“No one has known it existed because it has been in the family,” says Sandy.

“It’s like finding a dinosaur encased in a cliff — untouched,” says Leslie. Not only that, but collectors and historians did not know Sandy’s chest existed. Now, the Keno brothers say it is one of just five in the world.

After a long drum roll, it’s revealed that Sandy’s chest is worth… $500,000! Take a look at this big reveal…. .

They also shared some tips on what to do if you think you have a valuable antique.

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