In The Round

The essence of luxury is quality and here at Theodore Alexander that means that all surfaces of our furniture are prepared, sanded and finished, even those areas that are not always visible. This includes the undersides, the backs and the inside of the drawer boxes among others.

We believe that the person who owns a piece of Theodore Alexander furniture should take comfort in knowing the item can be viewed from any side and that we’ve made the piece using  time-honoured, handcrafted methods.

Since January all pieces showcased in Past to Present on our website have been available to view in 360 degrees.

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Now we’ve added 360 degree views to even more more unique pieces which are also in stock in North America. 360 degree views are available on selected product pages under ‘Explore’ and by clicking the 360 symbol.

On selected product pages you will see a '360' symbol on clicking 'Explore'

Take a moment to examine the detailed appeal of the Meiji Cranes lamp which can be viewed from any direction.

The Meiji Cranes are gorgeous from any angle

The Recollections of East India desk is perfectly poised to sit in the centre of the room, and the reverse of the Palazzo Chest is as fine as its front. This Characteristic Bookcase features a hand finished back panel and the underside of the drawers are as perfect as the exterior.

The Grand Tour etagere and A Display from the Regency serve as bookcases and room dividers as the reverse sides can be displayed with pride.

The Kalahari Steamer Trunk is a visual feast from every angle with the distinct pattern featuring on all surfaces.

Detail of The Kalahari Steamer Trunk


We’ll be adding hundreds more 360 views to our products over time so check back for the latest updates.

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