The Cannon Table and the Keno Connection

The Independence Table

In last week’s post on the Duncan Phyfe exhibition currently showing in New York we referenced a unique table by Theodore Alexander which is inspired by one of Phyfe’s masterworks.

On reading the post, Leslie Keno of the Keno Bros. immediately recognized the original as one that he had handled personally! Leslie elaborates below:

“This Cannon Base Games Table signed by Duncan Phyfe is quite simply one of  the greatest masterpieces created in America during the Federal Period.

It is obviously a custom ordered piece, and … was discovered by a south American owner.

The table is, in itself, a monumental and highly important sculptural achievement, and it still retains all of its original finish, and vert painted areas simulating various metal finishes, as well as an ebony turning key to adjust the angle of the canon.

It was truly an honor and a privilege to be able to handle the sale of this remarkable table.”

Leslie Keno

Click here to view our homage to this incredible table, and look out for future reminiscences from Leslie on just how the original was discovered.

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