Express Your Love for Your Home

The heart symbol must be one of the most recognized icons in the world, transcending language and speaking straight to the soul. Its origins are ancient and controversial, with sources cited from botany to anatomy, but the meaning today is clear. The heart symbol is a statement of love, and of belonging.

With Valentine’s Day approaching consider expressing your love for your home with one of these statement pieces.

Double Hearts is the perfect occasional piece that combines tradition with a hint of romantic whimsy in its singular design.

Two hearts as one, in the Double Hearts table

The gallery is punctuated with a continuous series of hearts

Hearts intertwine in this Althorp Living History sewing table, My Heart is with Your Heart 

Your Heart is with My Heart

Companion piece, Love’s Eternity Table, features gently overlaid hearts on sinuous cabriole legs.

Love's Eternity Table is a marriage of two hearts

Princess’s Keepsake is an ideal receptacle for romantic treasures.

Princess's Keepsake

This William and Mary inspired wall mirror, A Royal Romance, incorporates a subtle hand inlaid heart design.

A Royal Romance

Heart motifs give this mirror romantic distinction

Add a touch of playful style into your dressing area with Love of a Chair, where a hand hammered nail trim reflects a pierced heart shape.

Love of a Chair

Love of a Chair has a soft, feminine outline

To see these pieces in person find your nearest Theodore Alexander or Althorp Living History Gallery at this link.

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