‘Accent Furniture for Your Minimalist Decor’

Thank you to Patricia Davis Brown of Dig This Design for this review of The Keno Bros.’ classically modern style:

Choosing the right accent furniture can polish off your minimalist decor by sticking with tables and shelves that offer clean lines and an interesting element.  Check out these minimalistic accent tables designed by the Keno Bros.

Twin brothers Leigh and Leslie Keno, television’s most recognized furniture appraisers and authorities on antiques, have designed a unique collection of classically modern minimalistic accent furniture for Theodore Alexander. Their focus on quality, adaptability and approachability beautifully complements the realities of contemporary living with a level of craftsmanship rarely seen today. Inspired by a love of antiques and a passion for sculpture and rare objects, their designs distill the best ideas of earlier periods and recast them with the simple clean lines so popular today.

Here are a few examples of their minimalistic design:

The Manhattan I

The Manhattan IThe Manhattan I is a versatile, elegant and chic table. Marble takes great shape and the handcrafted brass base is minimalistic by design with flared feet.

Trumpet I

Trumpet I

The Trumpet I table is inspired by the trumpet shapes in flowers, vines and fruit that shows evidence of growing, widening and sprouting. The golden madrone burl veneered circular top on this minimalist table emulates this growth and the figuring in the wood adds warmth and rich color.

Disc Cocktail Table

DiscThe Disc cocktail table “reminds us of playing Frisbee when we were young,” stated the Keno Bros. The beauty of the olive ash burl is highlighted three-fold on the table tops supported by brass legs with a lower tempered glass shelf.

Using accent furniture is a great way to enhance your minimalist decor by finding pieces with clean lines and abstract shapes.

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