Theodore Alexander’s Singular Style – A Patagonian Retreat

The Singular Hotel overlooks a windswept expanse of the Ultima Esperanza Sound on the Patagonian coast, shrouded by jagged hills. The hotel’s industrial facade  belies its airy and modern interior.

In this view from the original jetty, the hotel lies under storm clouds which contrast against a clear expanse of blue sky.

Architect Pedro Kovacic  utilized the features of what was once a processing plant to create a luxurious retreat 57 room retreat. Picture windows facing the water are unobscured. Concrete, beams and bricks remain exposed and flooring is neutral, creating simple spaces where the furniture can be appreciated for both function and beauty.

Bedrooms have a stunning simplicity. In this room (below) interior designer Enrique Concha has combined the militaristic lines of Campaign pieces with the soft English appeal of Althorp upholstery. To the left we see Jodhpur, a brass banded Victorian style writing desk paired with a carved faux bamboo Regency style chair. Beside the bed is Officers and Gentlemen whose romantic story we have previously explored on Theo.

Campaign furniture was built to last and to fold up for ease of travel, as well as being able to withstand the rigours of the campaign trail. The box-like top protects the interior and folds open to reveal pigeonholes for letters and frames for photos – perfect places to keep pictures of a true love left behind.

Perhaps late at night, by lantern light, the young man would sit at his desk, gaze upon these pictures and pour his heart and soul into letters destined for a lucky young lady waiting for him back in the gardens of England.

In the far corner the Althorp Living History Garden Room Chair has been strategically placed to allow a relaxed view across the still water.

Classic furniture with elegant lines complement the simplicity of the view

Soaring ceilings and enormous windows create a bar area that is suffused with light and space (below). To the lower left of the image ‘Patterns in Brass‘ bookcases add visual interest without disturbing the line of sight through the room.

This vast space uses Theodore Alexander furniture to maximum effect

Viewing the bar from eye level we find in the forefront The Castle Fireside Chair which is decorated with a distinctive chevron parquetry pattern.

The natural tones of wood and brass furniture meld with the original colours of the structure

Here we see the walnut shelves of Patterns in Brass, the warm tone of the veneer complimenting the patina of the metal. The Darjeeling flintlock box on stand nestles between two sofas.

The intricate metalwork of the Theodore Alexander’s Armoury furniture (seen below) is inspired by Renaissance and Mediaeval armour. The Armoury Bar Chair sits alongside the intricate Studded Manx Table.

Here sunlight highlights the etched detailing and hand hammered nail decoration to the tabletop.

Facing the incredible view are several Frome armchairs by Theodore Alexander (seen below), where the soft leather seat is flanked graceful trailing maple scroll arms and feet. The silhouette was inspired by a Swedish 1920s original. Their distinctive comfort comes from a traditional 8 way hand tied coil spring base. A triangular pine and sable hand finished table provides an unobtrusive yet stylish place to rest an evening drink whilst admiring the sunset.

The Singular, one of Conde Nast Traveler’s Hot List of new hotels in the world, combines the best of conservation architecture with interiors that exemplify timeless chic.

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