A Light Filled Living Room

Traditional doesn’t have to mean dark. This beautiful living room by Sheffield Interiors is a study in tones of cream and white, complemented by the natural tones of figured veneers.

Two Althorp Library Sofas frame the centre of the room whilst our ‘Velvet Interiors’ secretaire bookcase is framed by stately sash windows. Contrasting lamp tables sit at either end of the sofa, ensuring that the symmetry of the room is not too staid. To the right (below) is a graceful mahogany and rosewood table with swag detailing, whilst to the left we find the Serpentine Side Table, inspired by a George III original.

Living Room by Laura O’Meara at Sheffield Furniture & Interiors.

About Laura O’Meara

Laura O’Meara has always been passionate about interior design. Even as a young teen she had a creative spirit and heart of a designer. Today, she uses those talents- and more than 30 years of design experience- to help Sheffield Furniture clients create memorable spaces. Her work has been featured in several magazines and newspapers.

“I want my clients to feel relaxed and enjoy the process. I cannot do my job without caring about my client and the outcome and I think that makes me a better designer.”

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