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The blog at Gilt.com has just featured Leigh and Leslie Keno, our favourite furniture experts and designers of The Keno Bros. Collection at Theodore Alexander.

Read the full article here. In the meantime, here are some extracts.

You probably know the Keno Brothers, Leigh and Leslie, from their work as appraisers onAntiques Roadshow… they’re the ones who make people leap for joy by saying their 17th-century trays are worth bank. But what you may not know, is that these respected antiques experts have put their knowledge and passion into their own collection of furniture, decorative arts, and lighting — all inspired by many years spent studying great objects from the past.

This line (simply called Keno Bros.), for furniture company Theodore Alexander, is a classically modern mix of 18th- through 20th-century styles; hallmarks include the use of exotic woods, flowing organic shapes, fine craftsmanship, and elegant-yet-functional details. Oh, and they’re also identical twins. Here, we got the scoop on their inspirations, “twinspeak,” and more. (P.S.: They answered the questions together, in one voice, rather than separately. That’s just how twins do…):

What inspires your design (besides your amazing connection)? We have always thought furniture should be appreciated for its sculptural form as well as its functionality.  We’re inspired by our passion for classic decorative art forms, sculpture and even race-car designs. People always ask us, “What furniture is being made today that will be collectible tomorrow?” Our answer: pieces that show true craftsmanship and quality. Our goal is to make pieces that will be the “heirlooms” of the future.

Thank you Gilt.com! For information on where to buy Keno Bros. pieces search our dealer locator. 

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