The English Cabinet Maker Evening Talk

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This post originally appeared on the Brights of Nettlebed blog.

Last week Theodore Alexander’s British distributor, Brights of Nettlebed, hosted another fantastic evening talk, this time by master cabinet maker Stephen Church.  Stephen spoke about the research and processes involved to create ultimate quality current day furniture inspired by original classics.

Guests were able to talk with Stephen in detail about his stunning pieces and view the other collections of fine hand made furniture that we offer.

All proceeds were donated to Whole Child, a charity improving the lives of children worldwide

The English Cabinet Maker collection, designed by Stephen Church, is a homage to the innovative designs and masterful finishes of the great furniture designers, artisans and craftsmen of the 18th and 19th centuries.  Many of the designs are inspired by the Brights of Nettlebed family archives.

No detail is insignificant and we believe that the owner of such a piece of furniture should take comfort in knowing the item can be viewed from any side and that the piece has been made using a time-honoured, handcrafted method that is the true mark of high quality.



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