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Picasso’s Upholstery

Whilst Picasso is often associated with artwork that depicts furniture, such as his Nude in a Rocking Chair or Dora Maar in a Wicker Chair we had not associated the artist with existing furniture until we came across this blog post at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Read more

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Récamier – a Day Bed and a Beauty

Types of furniture named after people are scarce but not rare as one might think. Take the Wellington chest or the Davenport as two examples that of pieces that came to be known after famous men of their time. Furniture whose name derives from women is harder to find but not impossible. Which leads us to that simple yet elegant day bed or chaise – the récamier. Read more

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Behind the Name – The Chiffonier

We are all familiar with the wardrobe, the term originating from a ward or room for robes, the term armoire originally was a closet or chest for arms or tools, the Davenport a complex small writing desk that was allegedly first designed for Lord Davenport – hence the name. All these terms can be found quite easily but the Chiffonier is a rather moveable feast. Read more

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The Designer’s Garden

The acanthus leaf has been a feature of architectural decoration for millennia. Abstractions of the spiky leaves (Acanthos in ancient Greek means thorny) and their complex outlines served as inspiration for design features throughout the western world. From Roman architecture … Read more

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The Radiant Rosette

What do you think of when you hear the word rosette? Flowers in bud or a posy vase with a single bloom? Does it remind you of gymkhanas or buttonholes? Medals or ceiling plaster? Read more

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