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‘A Pleasure to Grasp and a Delight to Behold’

Reading ‘At Home, a Short History of Private Life’ by author Bill Bryson this passage on the history of mahogany stood out for its eloquence.

Mahogany was introduced to British carpentry in the mid 18th century and soon superseded oak as the wood of choice in fashionable households. It soon becomes apparent why…

It could be carved and fretted into the delicate shapes that perfectly suited the exuberance of rococo, yet was strong enough to be a piece of furniture. No wood had had these characteristics before: suddenly furniture had a sculptural quality. Read more

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For the Love of Literature

At this year’s Althorp Literary Festival Earl Spencer’s will give a talk Althorp: A Personal View which will give a unique insight into his home, and the home of the Spencer family for the last 500 years. Althorp Living History by Theodore Alexander is proud to sponsor this event and we look forward to sharing more information closer to the day. Read more

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Behind Closed Doors in Jane Austen’s England

With chapters entitled “His and Hers”, “Wallpaper and Taste” and “A Nest of Comforts” Amanda Vickery brings the English Georgian household to life with engaging literary style and interior illustrations. Read more

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Elegance and Utility

In our research we have come across this is out of print gem that is worth tracking down for the fascinating accounts of life on the campaign trail in Asia and Africa, and the lavish illustrations that take you to far off places and distant lands. Read more

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