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Inventive and Distinct, The Vanucci GT

The Theodore Alexander brand is synonymous with inventive, distinctive pieces crafted by hand. Our designers, who include Creative Director Anthony Cox, strive to blend the most interesting materials with unconventional and witty design.

The Vanucci GT Desk is an item that encapsulates these ideals and Canadian retailer Elte recently featured it on their Facebook page.

We love the focus on the details that make this desk stand out.
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The Gentleman in Repose

Theodore Alexander’s luxurious, comfortable appeal is highlighted in the Robb Report’s exploration of the gentleman at rest in his home. Read more

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Express Your Love for Your Home

The heart symbol must be one of the most recognized icons in the world, transcending language and speaking straight to the soul. It’s origins are ancient and controversial, with sources cited from botany to anatomy, but the meaning today is clear. The heart symbol is a statement of love, and of belonging.

With Valentine’s Day approaching consider expressing your love for your home with one of these statement pieces. Read more

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Architectural Digest, Prince Charles and Dumfries House

We were delighted to see this article in Architectural Digest which profiles the restoration of the historic Palladian villa Dumfries House via the Patronage of Prince Charles.

Located in Ayrshire, Scotland, the house was designed by the master architect Robert Adam and contains 50 examples of furniture by Thomas Chippendale. In the words of His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, the furnishings exemplify ‘British Craftsmanship at its best.” Read more

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In The Round

Since January all pieces showcased in Past to Present on our website have been available to view in 360 degrees.

Now we’ve added 360 degree views to even more more unique pieces which are also in stock in North America. 360 degree views are available on selected product pages under ‘Explore’ and by clicking the 360 symbol. Read more

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Inspired by the craftsmen of the past – The Cabinet Maker’s Drawing Book

Theodore Alexander’s new theme, The Cabinet Maker’s Drawing Book, is a homage to the innovative designs and masterful finishes of the great furniture designers, artisans and craftsmen of the 18th and 19th centuries.

The handles, pulls and knobs and other brass metal work are made as they were over 200 years ago and add authenticity and elegance to the pieces. Read more

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