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Anthony Cox, Theodore Alexander’s Creative Director, provides design insights

Anthony Cox, Executive Vice President, Provides a Unique Insight into the Theodore Alexander Brand Read more

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Inventive and Distinct, The Vanucci GT

The Theodore Alexander brand is synonymous with inventive, distinctive pieces crafted by hand. Our designers, who include Creative Director Anthony Cox, strive to blend the most interesting materials with unconventional and witty design.

The Vanucci GT Desk is an item that encapsulates these ideals and Canadian retailer Elte recently featured it on their Facebook page.

We love the focus on the details that make this desk stand out.
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enLIGHTening craftsmanship

“We like to think we are establishing leadership in our designs, not following trends,” Cox remarks. “We want our lighting to represent a personal statement for the home interior environment.” As the company’s Web site states: “Every piece has a story just waiting to be shared.” Read more

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Spotlight on Anthony Cox, Creative Director

Spotlight on Anthony Cox, Creative Director of Theodore Alexander – a discussion of his inspirations and enthusiasms. Read more

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