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The Original Original and Its Prodigies

This post was re-blogged from the original with the kind permission of John Black.

An admission: I have a fetish for chairs.

As a designer, chairs offer the best opportunity to design from a sculptural aspect. Coupled with my historical jones, it should not be surprising that the one chair design that stands out is klismos. Given the timeless nature of this chair, it is no wonder other furniture designers have gravitated to this form as well. But what I find as interesting as the chair itself is the diverse personalities involved with bringing this form, along with ancient Greek ideals, back to life. Read more

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Picasso’s Upholstery

Whilst Picasso is often associated with artwork that depicts furniture, such as his Nude in a Rocking Chair or Dora Maar in a Wicker Chair we had not associated the artist with existing furniture until we came across this blog post at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Read more

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