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A Modern Take on Zebra Print

Spotted on the New England Home Design Blog – a review of a Keno Bros. Collection piece which will arrive on the retail floor early next year.

Stacy Kunstel, Homes Editor
While the Ocean chest by the Keno Brothers reminds some of ripples in beach sand, I love it because it makes me see a modern take on the still-popular zebra print. A mix of sycamore, rosewood and maple, this chest would be perfect set in a library with the appropriate liquors and cocktail shakers giving just a bit of sparkle to its top. It can be seen in showrooms throughout New England that carry the Theodore Alexander furniture collection. Read more

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The Discovery of Dance

Let us look closely at ‘Dance‘, with it’s rhythmical zig-zags and shimmering veneer. This accent piece is from The Keno Bros Collection,  and in the words of Leigh and Leslie: This table took incredible skill to create. It makes us … Read more

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Washington and the Spencers, a Tale Through the Centuries

At Althorp there stands a chest that provides a palpable link between the lives of historic individuals across centuries and seas. I remember reading the story of an Althorp chest and the ancestors of George Washington four years ago, and being struck by the fact that there are pieces of furniture in use today that have survived for not only hundreds of years, but which have connections to individuals who have shaped countries. Read more

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