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The Collector’s Series – The Library

In this digital age the library is still your sanctuary, an intimate space, filled with books and precious objects d’art. The work day has come to a close and tonight there is a glass of something restorative from the cellar waiting for you, a roaring fire and chessboard set up for two. Traditional wing armchairs in fine leathers are placed invitingly near the fireplace. Read more

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The Original Original and Its Prodigies

This post was re-blogged from the original with the kind permission of John Black.

An admission: I have a fetish for chairs.

As a designer, chairs offer the best opportunity to design from a sculptural aspect. Coupled with my historical jones, it should not be surprising that the one chair design that stands out is klismos. Given the timeless nature of this chair, it is no wonder other furniture designers have gravitated to this form as well. But what I find as interesting as the chair itself is the diverse personalities involved with bringing this form, along with ancient Greek ideals, back to life. Read more

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The Designer’s Garden

The acanthus leaf has been a feature of architectural decoration for millennia. Abstractions of the spiky leaves (Acanthos in ancient Greek means thorny) and their complex outlines served as inspiration for design features throughout the western world. From Roman architecture … Read more

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Elegance and Utility

In our research we have come across this is out of print gem that is worth tracking down for the fascinating accounts of life on the campaign trail in Asia and Africa, and the lavish illustrations that take you to far off places and distant lands. Read more

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Meal Machine or Heart of the Home?

No home is complete without a kitchen, and domestic kitchen as we know it today is a far cry from the functional space of the pre-20th century. Read more

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