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Lord Spencer in Parade Magazine: British Royals, Marriage and America

“Lord Charles Spencer, the 9th Earl Spencer and brother of the late Princess Diana, stopped in Manhattan on his way to California and met with Parade‘s Dotson Rader. Spencer, 50, lives part time in Los Angeles with his third wife, former model … Read more

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Identical Tastes

You and your brother have always drawn a connection between fine furniture and sensuality. In Hidden Treasures you even refer to to the ‘sex appeal’ of Queen Anne and Chippendale curves, and your new line also stresses that “S” shape.

We love the S-shaped curve; that beautiful, sinuous curve us just gorgeous to us. It becomes a very primal thing. We also favor form over ornamentation. Read more

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An Interview with Julie Browning Bova

Theodore Alexander interviews interior designer Julie Browning Bova on her inspirations and interior design advice. Read more

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