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The Design Tourist: High Point Market

Designer Karen LeBlanc heads to High Point Market where she meets Charles, 9th Earl Spencer and The Keno Bros. Read more

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Dance in India

The July / August edition of Architectural Digest India showcases the playful lines of Dance by the Keno Bros. Read more

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‘Accent Furniture for Your Minimalist Decor’

Thank you to Patricia Davis Brown of Dig This Design for this review of The Keno Bros.’ classically modern style

Choosing the right accent furniture can polish off your minimalist decor by sticking with tables and shelves that offer clean lines and an interesting element. Check out these minimalistic accent tables designed by the Keno Bros. Read more

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Embrace the Keno Bros. Collection on Valentine’s Day with this Unique Console Table

The Keno Bros. loved the hug-shaped design of this piece they called it ‘Embrace’, a perfect piece to showcase on Valentine’s Day. Read more

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The Cannon Table and the Keno Connection

In last week’s post on the Duncan Phyfe exhibition currently showing in New York we referenced a unique table by Theodore Alexander which is inspired by one of Phyfe’s masterworks.

On reading the post Leslie Keno of the Keno Bros. immediately recognized the original as one that he had handled personally! Leslie elaborates below: Read more

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A Glowing Review, with Leslie Keno

We’re delighted to reproduce a recent interview with Leslie Keno of The Keno Bros, where he discusses the principles of good design and the inspiration behind new lamps in the Collection. Read more

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