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Buried Treasure now Online

With every family comes a dream, and with every treasure a story.

Leigh and Leslie Keno (“Antiques Roadshow”) are modern-day treasure hunters. These world-renowned antique experts and appraisers have helped people all over the U.S. sell more than $1 billion worth of collectibles. In the new unscripted series BURIED TREASURE, the identical twin brothers will travel across the country helping ordinary people find treasures right in their own homes. Read more

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The Discovery of Dance

Let us look closely at ‘Dance‘, with it’s rhythmical zig-zags and shimmering veneer. This accent piece is from The Keno Bros Collection,  and in the words of Leigh and Leslie: This table took incredible skill to create. It makes us … Read more

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The Keno Bros in Oregon

Television celebrities and furniture experts Leigh and Leslie Keno walked a red carpet designed especially for them, autographed pieces from their new collection of classically modern furniture and wowed more than 200 fans attending a gala event at Bella Casa Furniture, Oregon in their honor late last month. Read more

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Identical Tastes

You and your brother have always drawn a connection between fine furniture and sensuality. In Hidden Treasures you even refer to to the ‘sex appeal’ of Queen Anne and Chippendale curves, and your new line also stresses that “S” shape.

We love the S-shaped curve; that beautiful, sinuous curve us just gorgeous to us. It becomes a very primal thing. We also favor form over ornamentation. Read more

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Save the Date – The Keno Bros in Oregon

Leigh and Leslie Keno will be at Bella Casa in Portland, Orgeon on the 25th June discussing their new furniture collection which is handcrafted by Theodore Alexander. Read more

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The Keno Bros in Edina, a Gallery

We are delighted to be able to share some photographs from the recent Keno Bros collection event at Gabberts in Edina! Read more

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