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Henry Holland’s Georgian Palace

We are delighted to reproduce from the Althorp Estate new images and insights into the now complete restoration of the 500 year old house. This follows our previous post ‘A Stately Restoration’. Read more

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A Stately Restoration

n 2009 Althorp embarked on an ambitious project of exterior restoration that is now complete. This vital restoration work has in part been funded the Althorp Living History Furniture Collection.

The house swathed in tarpaulin and speciality scaffolding to protect the fragile exterior from the elements during the restoration
Central to the project was the delicate task of stabilizing the thousands of “mathematical tiles” that encase the earlier red brick house. Each tile fits with its neighbour in a complex slotting pattern devised by the celebrated 18th century architect Henry Holland, but the hand made iron nails used over two hundred years ago, are now in need to replacement or additional support from modern stainless steel. The house was cloaked in white for months, protected from the elements while the delicate task of restoration was undertaken. Read more

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